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There were protests in Ilorin Monday over the alleged killings last November of three youth and injury of two others by soldiers attached to Lafiagi senator Shaaba Lafiagi. The protests were staged from Challenge bus stop to the government house and governor's office.

Dr Perry Brimah, Buhari Ahmed and Bello Ola of the Cabal Must Go movement were among those who protested, demanding the government and police rapidly fulfill their obligation to bring the perpetrators to justice. There has since been silence on the case and neither the soldiers involved nor the senator appears on probe or suspension at the very least.

While on fact finding mission in Ilorin, Dr Brimah was informed that Senate president Bukola Saraki and the implicated Senator Shaba Lafiagi had invited the families of the victims to Ilorin and paid them blood money so as to let the soldiers and senator escape justice.

The phenomenon of government officials paying off murder victims to distort justice is becoming quite common in Nigeria. The release of the arrested suspects in the murder of an Igbo lady trader, Bridget in Kano by the state Attorney General was said to be after similar payments were made to the family by the state government with the suspected murderers being set loose.

Dr Brimah later met with the police commissioner to plead for the conclusion of investigations into the kidnap and assault of Buhari Ahmed who was abducted and tortured in APC office in Ilorin by terrorists and thugs loyal to and supported by the Senate president as indicated in statements from his aides, and to rapidly ensure justice for the 5 victims of Senator Lafiafi and the Nigerian army.

Contact @CabalMustGo: +234-903-420-3031; +1-929-427-5305

Several activists including civil right advocate, Dr. Perry Brimah narrowly escaped being killed in Abuja Wednesday as many protesting youth were shot with deaths reported and images published online.

Several activists came out empathetic towards the case of citizen Zeenat and her reportedly dying husband, Sheikh Zakzaky –suffering what may be a stroke after being blinded and paralyzed– who have been detained for over two years by the Buhari administration in contempt of clear court orders. The protests are being staged as the detained sheikh reportedly needs urgent medical care and his extremely patient followers and fans are finally becoming totally irritated.

Some of the activists were to meet with the protesters when they got to Unity fountain Abuja, while Dr Brimah had agreed to meet them at the initiation point at Area 10. When Dr Brimah got there he saw that he could print his banners nearby and decided to do so. Thus he was an hour late. A bit before 12 noon when Dr. Brimah called, he didn't know the protesters had left on schedule at 11am and already been shot and some reported killed by the Nigerian security men.

At 12noon when Dr Brimah got to Area 1 to try and catchup, all he met was the aftermath of the assault with teargas still smelling. Dr Brimah of @CabalMustGo proceeded to protest against police brutality, the failure to proscribe Fulani herder terrorism, militarization of the Nigerian state, the continued illegal detentions and several other injustices at the gate of the National Assembly and office of the Attorney General of the federation while the victims of the latest security services assault took care of their wounded and dead.

Considering the way Nigeria's security men massacre unarmed students, pro-Biafra Igbos and shia Muslims with glee, but resist even declaring Fulani armed and murderous terrorists as such and never promise to kill or apprehend the perpetrators of their massacres, "in Nigeria Justice is on its head" was Dr Brimah's protest message.

It is quite likely that had the meet-up point been anywhere else, Dr Brimah would have been in the front of the protest. Wednesday could literally have been Dr Perry Brimah's last day on earth.

But then, how important is Dr Brimah? Great men, sons and daughters who deserve to be hale and alive, got shot and some killed the same day. Did they deserve it because they are Shia Muslims, Shia empathizers and impartial human right and God's justice activists?

May God grant Buhari's son recovery and also the same for the sons of the many victims of Nigerian state's brutality. May no more of us find untimely injury and death. And may we all get treatment in the best hospitals in the unfortunate event of our injury if it does occur. Amen. The only thing certain about life is death.

Dr.; the @CabalMustGo revolution can be joined on WhatsApp: +234-903-420-3031; Follow @EveryNigerian on twitter.or via

This is a sad. Must watch!

by Cletus Ukpong

A former minister for education, Oby Ezekwesili, has said that her political agenda for 2019 is to stop the two major political parties in Nigeria – the All Progressives Congress, APC, and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP – from winning state and national elections.

Mrs. Ezekwesili, who is also a co-leader of the #BringBackOurGirls movement, tweeted on Thursday that the essence of her new agenda was to “disrupt and end the political and governance stagnation and retrogression that our cyclical low equilibrium political Russian roulette has cost our country and people.

“Enough is enough,” she said, through her Twitter handle @obyezeks.

“My political agenda is simple. I shall actively campaign against APC and PDP in the 2019 elections except in rare cases where they field new minds with a strong record of public interest.

“I shall actively campaign for the best candidates of all other parties in the elections.

“My individual effort to campaign against APC and PDP in the 2019 elections may not amount to much, but it is at least a definite expression of my personal conviction.

“My conviction is that it is time to end the tyranny of rulership of a wicked minority political elite class,” she wrote.

Mrs. Ezekwesili’s position is a reflection of the general discontentment among Nigerians against the country’s political leadership.

Nigeria, with its main earnings coming from oil, is Africa’s biggest economy. Yet most of its population still live in abject poverty.
The historic defeat of the ruling PDP in the 2015 elections ended the party’s 16 years of political dominance and gave the people hope of a new beginning.

But President Muhammadu Buhari and his party – the APC – have been severely criticised as being incapable of tackling the nation’s many challenges, including the killings perpetrated around the country by different groups other than Boko Haram.

Mrs. Ezekwesili, in her one of tweets, described the APC and the PDP as “twin brothers”.

“This for me is the #YearOfTheOfficeOfTheCitizen when all citizens lift their red card.

“Whether many other citizens feel the way one feels about our political status quo does not matter. Standing up for what I believe is what one was raised to epitomize.

“It is sickening to watch the repetition of a similar pattern of bad behavior by our political class,” she said.

Would it not be a shocker if president Buhari made such call? No, don't hold your breath. It's not happening. Buhari has ordered to police chief to Benue to "keep the peace." Alas, Buhari knows the role of the police when it comes to 'his' Fulani people.

As one who campaigned for Buhari, I am full of regret. I should have sat on the fence like Wole Soyinka and Sheikh Gumi. Perhaps had Buhari not won, the revolution would have happened already and Nigeria would be free from these clueless and callous cabal.

While in this short piece, I am not reversing from my express constitutional-backed position, that the army has NO ROLE in being peace keepers within the state; this being the primary role of the police; I am as you should be too, depressed to confirm that Buhari is a vile and callous tribalist. When it came to Shia Muslim minorities in Zaria, Buhari defended the deployment of the military to massacre and secretly mass bury 1000 protesting youth. When it came to IPOB pro-Biafrans, Buhari sent the army on operation python dance to massacre and again secretly bury dozens of youth protesters. But when it came to 'his own' and actually my own too, I myself being a full-fledged Fulani, Buhari knows that it is the duty of police with handcuffs and the ability to prosecute, to be deployed. And this is a case where the implicated Fulani group issued a threat and is accused of perpetrating barbaric massacres and displacing over 50,000 Nigerians.

Again, in this case Buhari is unable to declare these defined terrorists as such and proscribe them, unlike the case of the Shia Muslims he loathes and the Igbos he detests, who he swiftly rushed headlong to label and proscribe.

It is a shame Buhari has proven to all that it was late Tunde Idiagbon of esteemed memory that was to be credited with all the successes of his 80s stint. Buhari has unwritten his legacy. 2019 soon cometh.

Dr.; the #CabalMustGo revolution can be joined on WhatsApp: +1-929-427-5305; Follow @EveryNigerian on twitter.or via

At the center of Austria’s political shift is Sebastian Kurz, a 31-year-old wunderkind who rode a wave of anti-immigrant anxiety to position himself as the country’s Prime minister and the world’s youngest leader.

He broke the record of Emmanuel Macron who became France's youngest leader since Napoleon, elected several months before his 40th birthday.

Before becoming prime minister, Kruz occupied a vital role as Austria's Foreign minister.

New Generation Presidency Candidates / Pastor Tunde Bakare
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Tunde Bakare, the senior pastor of Latter Rain Assembly, says he will be running for president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Speaking at the cross over service at The Church’s auditorium in Ogba, Lagos, on Monday morning, Bakare said God has instructed him to return to politics and run for president and lead the nation to prosperity.

“I heard the Lord say to me, politics is not over for you, there is still one thing left for you to do; run for president,” Bakare told the church.

“And He said to me, I will work it out myself. I will make it happen in due course. Please trust me, I lie not in the Holy Ghost. This is not easy for me to share with you. I shared this with you, so that you can pray along with me,” he added.

The revered preacher said God has not told him the exact time, adding that the Lord said “I will make it happen in due course”.

Meetings & Action / adidas sneakers dames
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The SaharaReporters caption "Nigeria To Pay Over $50m To Swiss Government And Lawyers As Cost Of Recovering $321m Abacha Loot" brought one thing to the mind: that once again Nigeria loses even as it tries to recover from past looting.

What is being recovered from Switzerland is a minute fraction of what Abacha stole and then a microscopic fraction of a fraction of what so many cabal have looted and continue to loot till today.

What is quite painful is that we have a president who defended Abacha as not a thief; and who worked for Abacha while people of apparent greater morality like his former deputy, late General Tunde Idiagbon turned down such invitations. Even after death Buhari remains employed in Abacha's defense and publicly prays for and praises the killer thief.

Little wonder we hear of similar scale looting being shielded at the presidency, ministries and NNPC today under Abacha's mentee and dedicated fan.

Proverbs 29:24 says: Whoso is partner with a thief hateth his own soul: he heareth cursing, and bewrayeth it not.

What can we say about the defender of Abacha, Grasscutter Babachir Lawal, $26 billion Baru, $1 million-Borehole-Fashola, Ayodele Oke, Atiku, Obasanjo, Babangida, Goodluck Jonathan, to mention a few. If the president hateth his own soul, are we not doomed!

There is only one way out for Nigeria. The Cabal Must Go. All of them. Otherwise we remain a nation cursed. For Nigeria to grow the cabal must go and they will.

Dr. Perry Brimah @CabalMustGo Whatsapp: +1-929-427-5305
New Generation Presidency Candidates / Nollywood Actor, Ayo Lijadu
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"Ahead of the official declaration of my political aspirations to the Nigerian public, coming up before the end of the year, with regards to the 2019 General Elections, I would like to officially inform members of Kowa Party and by extension, the NEC of our great party, that I, Ayodele Cyril Lijadu, would like to contest the Presidency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on the platform of Kowa Party, beginning, of course, with the party primaries, slated for sometime in 2018.

I have come to the conclusion that this nation is gradually slipping into the status of a failed state, largely due to the fact that virtually ALL our leaders, past and present, have CONSISTENTLY FAILED to execute the sacred mandates of their offices, bestowed on them by a trusting populace, by showing exemplary leadership qualities of discipline, uprightness, incorruptibility, truthfulness, firmness, justice, equity, fairness, amongst other traits expected of visionary and disciplined leaders.

Our leaders, past and present, rather than harness the rich human and natural resources that abound in this country, and use same to propel this nation to the level of the developed nations, a feat which countries like Malaysia and Singapore, have been able to achieve within the same space of time that we had, after gaining independence, these heartless and shameless leaders have done nothing but amass wealth for self, family, and friends, as if looting of the nation's resources was the original mandate handed to them by the electorate, and a thing fast going out of fashion.

I have one single mission embarking on this journey; to provide the kind of leadership that the people of this country have always yearned and craved for; a truthful, just, fair, bold, unfearing, incorruptible, disciplined, firm, focussed, and visionary leadership.

A leadership with integrity. One that the whole country and her citizens, from across all regional, ethnic, and religious divides, can boldly and proudly declare, even after the first few months in office:

"For once, we have a truly just, fair, and incorruptible leadership". With my public declaration will come my manifesto and my website, detailing those critical areas of governance I feel passionate about, and which I hope to harmonize with Kowa Party policies on governance. I am going into this race with my eyes and my head very clear; not with any desperation, but with every determination to run the race, trusting in my own good intentions to pursue a good and noble cause, to trust absolutely in God's guidance, and support of all Nigerians who have not given up hope that there are still MANY good people from amongst us who can be trusted to do what is right by this nation and her citizens when leadership is thrust on them. I am counting on your support. I hope I can get that support.

Thank you.

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