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Who Is A Cabal?

Who Is A Cabal?
« on: November 18, 2017, 11:58:13 PM »

The Cabal Must Go movement is organised to not only knock out the individual cabal, but the cabal system. The urgent need is reminiscent of the Labor unions riots against the Robber baron cabal of America and the french revolution against the hegemony as well as the Ghanian Rawlings revolution. When all power is consolidated in the hands of a few, a revolution is due.

The cabal include all politicians under the cabal-established and sponsored parties: APC, PDP and offshoots; current and past senators, governors and presidents.

The cabal include all the unfair benefactors of Nigeria's corrupt system. Those given oil wells robbed from indigenes of the south south.

The cabal include all the businessmen protected by glaring impunity and supported by all concurrent governments in business monopolies: fuel subsidy, FOREX subsidy etc. The cement, phone, power cabal who were gifted Nigeria's assets and whose business monopolies have been established through skewed BPE processes.

To see a list of them simply visit Dele Momodu's pages.
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Re: Who Is A Cabal?
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I and my house hold must push these cabals out.